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Kingridge Kennels - Trained English AKC Labrador Retrievers in Pittsburgh, PA
Presenting the Puppies of Earth Day...
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~Earth Day is their Birthday~
- green ribbon
- boy
- 13 3/8 oz.
- aqua ribbon
- boy
- 11 3/4 oz.
- pink ribbon
- girl
- 10 1/4 oz.
- red ribbon
- boy
- 13 7/8 oz.
- silver ribbon
- 13 3/8 oz.
- blue ribbon
- boy
- 12 7/8 oz
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The Pittsburgh Post will take you to our blog, where you can learn more about the joys of being a breeder and the Biosensor Process that we implement for each of our puppies.
The Proud Parents of this Litter...
Live...Love... Labs...
Kingridge's Peaceful Gift of Shiloh
Kingridge's Peaceful Gift of Shiloh has an impressive AKC pedigree.
This is our beautiful champion-sired girl who loves to please! She has dark mocha fur and beautiful warm brown eyes. At 65 pounds she is perfectly suited for AKC shows. She has an amazing pedigree with many champions on both sides, including her AKC champion father. Her health clearances are all exceptional. She spends her days loving her family. She allows our little ones to "love" on her on their terms and is very patient with each of them. Since we home school, she is surrounded by 5 happy gentle kids all day long and fits right in to the mix. She is also friends with our cat and all of the dogs in our neighborhood. She enjoys long walks and lying at our side by a warm fire. We welcome you to stop on over and meet her.
CH Surshot Hyspire Pure Country at Ancient Oaks ~CGC ~TDI
Nash is an AKC champion and a certified Therapy Dog International
This is the AKC Champion Sire for the upcoming spring litter. He is from Ancient Oaks Labradors and resides in California. His bloodlines are full of renowned Labrador champions. In addition to all of his winning AKC accolades, Nash also has a beautiful heart and kind gentle spirit. He holds a presitigious TDI certificate from Therapy Dog International which means he uses his dynamic personality to excel at therapy work, along with successful competitionin the show ring. His health clearances are also top notch. Nash is a phenomenal Labrador who typifies the ideals of the breed. He is a beautiful, intelligent, relaxed, sweetheart who loves to please.
Tips on Selecting A Puppy
The unique genetic characteristics inherent in each Labrador clue us in to subtle differences that are apparent from one pup to another. Because we the breeder, are with these puppies training -and living- side by side for many weeks, we come to see these characteristics clearly and do our best to make appropriate recommendations to those who choose to purchase one of our Labradors.
We strive to match you to the dog that is best suited for you and your unique situation, along with your lifestyle, energy level and expectations. Along with the Obedience Personality Testing that we make use of, we also ask that each
prospective puppy parent complete our Puppy Personality Inventoryto assist us in determining which type of puppy personality would best fit you and your family's needs. If we do not have a puppy that would blend harmoniously into your specific situation we will recommend a like-minded breeder that does.
Puppy ownership is a serious responsibility, yet it is also extremely rewarding. As a breeder, we encourage you to consider the weight of this responsibility and be certain that you are willing and able to invest the time, resources, and energy necessary into caring for the life of a new puppy. Your dog will rely fully on you for its physical, psychological, and emotional needs. The personal sacrifice is great but the rewards are plenty!
We strongly encourage each adoptive family to continue loving, training, and nurturing the puppies once they are in their care. In our Kingridge Puppy Package -the packet of information we provide with each puppy- is a book entitled "Superpuppy" that will guide you as you raise your new best friend. We also include worksheets in our Kingridge Puppy Book that detail specific training exercises that should be practiced in the first month that you bring your puppy home. This helps to ensure that your new family blends harmoniously. We feel strongly that the continuation and consistency of training is extremely important to the relationship that you develop with your new companion.
We remain accessible via phone or email to answer any questions that may arise, and we see it as our privilege to assist you in any way we can throughout the lifetime shared with your new AKC Labrador.
Puppy Visitation
We invite you to call ahead and come to Pittsburgh to visit with our puppies and see the litter as often as you would like. We start visitations when the litter is 4 weeks old so that they have built up their immunity and are ready for newcomers.
Sometimes, the best way to choose the puppy that fits the best into your family is to observe the puppies in the litter on many different occasions, in many unique situations, spread out over the course of many different days. We are very flexible and welcome you to visit with your family, friends, or another pet or pets. We understand what an important decision it is when selecting a new addition to your family.
We also understand that all of the data and facts in the world are sometimes thrown out the window when it comes to emotions. It is of course, ultimately your decision as to which puppy you choose to fall in love with. Sometimes all of the facts and "reason" in the world can't get in the way of "love at first sight." Our job as the breeder remains to help guide you in making an educated decision based on our observations and empirical research, along with your preferences.
You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and
the multitudes of heaven worship you.
-Nehemiah 9:6