We Are Expecting a Puppy?
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We Are Expecting a Puppy?

Yes, you read the title correctly. We are in fact only expecting one puppy! I was told this would be a smaller litter, but as it turns out it will be a singleton litter. This is a very rare yet interesting situation among Labrador Retrievers. It is actually rather common in smaller breeds and especially toy breeds. This one puppy will be very special indeed. There are some unique joys and challenges when it comes to raising a singleton litter. The pup will be larger than the usual Labrador Retriever puppy, because it has been in a very spoiled environment inside the uterus. It has had no competition for food, vitamins, or space. This ensures that he or she will have had a great healthy nutritional start in-utero, which is rare when competition for nutrients is so common in larger litters. However, this freedom to nutrition may mean that the puppy will be too large to be born in the natural way and will require a c-section for delivery. Time will tell! If active labor does not begin before the on or before Easter Day we will turn over the preferred method of allowing nature to dictate the birth date of the pup to a more aggressive approach to delivery. We are diligently taking Shiloh's temperature day and evening in order to be able to predict the big day. I am sure that this sole - precious puppy will have a VERY strong bond to humans. Because it will not have the interaction with its siblings it will rely much more strongly on affection from the people in its life. From the start this puppy will look to his or her mom, Shiloh and then to me as the breeder for direction and instruction... This is a wonderful situation! In training a puppy that is the first step to master. The pups needs to learn to focus on you as a human first and foremost so that they can be attentive to instruction. Once they are focused on the trainer, their behavior can be modified and then they learn to respond in a desirable manner. Therefore obedience training should be much smoother and faster with this puppy. Likewise, Biosensor therapy, socialization and training will be very individualized and tailored to meet the unique needs of this specific puppy. I am predicting that this puppy will master tasks and obedience commands much earlier than if it were just one in a litter of puppies. However, because it will not have the access to constant play with its litter mates he or she will be sure to require much more human interaction and attention. It will be an extremely unique situation in our home, and as a breeder it is a situation that will likely never happen again. If you are interested in discovering more about this one puppy please contact us, and we can talk about the unique benefits and what development will likely be expected with this puppy. I am looking for a very special home for this little blessing.

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