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We are a devoted family that loves life, loves labs, and loves each other. As a breeder we devote our energy to produce exemplorary English Labrador Retrievers that conform to AKC standards. Our trained puppies will impress you with their beauty and their brains.
Joy has a B.A. in Psychology and trains each puppy in her care with passion and love.
Champion Sired English AKC Labradors
Welcome to Kingridge Kennels. 
Our breeding program assures that each Labrador Retriever puppy, from only a few days after birth, will be neurologically stimulated and socially acclimated in a scientific manner that encourages socialization while maximizing positive personality traits and development.
This is accomplished in our home alongside our growing family with our children. Our great love and our ability to nurture, instruct, and train each individual puppy, creates a Labrador that grows to return that love and devotion to others.
     "Just like children the early environment of a dog has more impact on its life than any other period in his or her development. We implement a breeding program using various physiological, psychological and social training. Time and time again, research has shown the benefits of early neurological stimulation, socialization, and enrichment experiences in the life of both humans and dogs." 
At Kingridge Kennels we breed with extremely selective Labrador stock to strive to produce outstanding puppies that conform to the AKC breed standards in health, appearance, and temperament. We devote our full attention to the puppies in each litter using our comprehensive training approach. Of course they are born and raised in our home close to our family and have impeccable health clearances. Our goal is to produce intelligent, calm, beautiful English Labrador Retrievers that are neurologically stimulated, socialized, and trained. They are creme de la creme!
As you may know, Pittsburgh is a city of champions. It is home to the Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers and the acclaimed Pittsburgh Penguins. Many of you may know of these champion sports teams, but here at Kingridge Kennels we are breeding AKC Labrador Retrievers that are champions in their own right just 15 minutes north from the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.
Here at Kingridge Kennels, we use a developmental approach to the rearing of puppies in our litters to maximize their development. With a B.A. in psychology and a passion for family and pets, Joy first implements BioSensor Therapy, in order to maximize the very early critical period in the development of each puppy born here at Kingridge Kennels.
During these first few precious weeks the puppies are trained using this approach that was developed by trainers in the US Military for our nation's top dogs. Next, we socialize our puppies using the Seven Steps of Socialization, that includes 49 different social experiences, resulting in calmer, more intelligent, curious Labrador Retriever, who is eager to discover and enjoy the adventures of life by your side.
Then we capitalize on the extremely critical developmental weeks in the lives of the puppies to focus on basic obedience training that will start each Labrador off on the perfect puppy path! At 10 weeks, when the puppies are ready to go home to their new families, each Lab puppy has been learning how to sit, stay, walk on lead, and has successfully begun crate and house training. We also focus extensively on whistle recognition, promoting a soft mouth for retrieving, eliminating play biting, and extinguishing undesirable behaviors such as jumping up.  
It has been proven that these obedience skills, along with the BioSensor Therapy and the Seven Steps to Socialization that we provide from the start, will aid in creating the best relationship with your new best friend. As a breeder, we know that the results of our work with the puppies during their early life will enable you to reap rich rewards for their entire future!
Being a very personable Labrador breeder, we care deeply about the placement of each puppy and devote a great deal of effort to ensure that each prospective owner receives a puppy that best fits their lifestyle. While the puppy is in our care we keep detailed records about each dogs progress, personality characteristics, growth, BioSensor Therapy responses, results of the Obedience Personality Test, and reactions to socialization. These details, along with pictures, and journal entries are documented and presented to owners in an adorable Kingridge Puppy Book and are included with a DVD of the puppy's first weeks in our Kingridge Puppy Package.
We also use the Obedience Personality Test consisting of 12 exercises to objectively aid in determining the personality characteristics of each Labrador Retriever puppy, along with the completion of our Puppy Personality Inventory. By using all of these tools and various observations, we can be sure to offer wisdom and guidance as we place each dog from our care here in Pittsburgh into the best possible, most appropriate, loving, life-long environment. 
However our services do not stop there. We encourage each owner to keep up the training that we begin, and provide all new families with detailed charts and reminders for each week in the future month of training, once the puppy is in their care. We are available for consultation throughout the weeks that follow regarding the new puppy's transition, care, and training regiment.
We feel it is paramount that each new owner continue to train and modify the behaviors of their new puppy so that the relationship can be built on mutual love and affection. We remain with you every step of the way!  
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website or set up a time to come to our home in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to meet us and learn more about our unique approach.
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