Green Grass, Blue Sky, Brown Paw Prints
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Green Grass, Blue Sky, Brown Paw Prints

Blue skies have been gracing Pittsburgh and our Labrador loves itThe weather has finally been changing here in Pittsburgh and we are so thankful. It seems that we have had a very long cold winter, and spring has- until a few weeks ago- been slow to, well... spring! Recently however we have been experiencing undeniably gorgeous Pittsburgh weather with perfect daily temperatures. Our whole brood has been itching to get outside and take advantage of the blue skies and sunshine so that is what we have been striving to do. It gets busy with puppies, school, and housework but days like these don't come around too often here in Pittsburgh. We have to enjoy each one that God sends our way! The only possible downfall that I can even imagine with spring is the wet earth and mud that are left from the heavy spring rains. We are told that the flowers bloom boldly in May because of those April showers, but for Labrador lovers heavy spring rain produces an entirely different result.... Water = Mud!
Most Labrador Retrievers LOVE the water and therefore, they love the mud. If you are the owner of Labrador Retrievers then you know exactly to what it is that I am referring. Water is a Labradors ambrosia! It cools them, refreshes them; it gives them their identity. They are one with the water and the earth... They are Lab!  It seems as deeply ingrained and enjoyable to them as retrieving itself does. Now, thankfully we don't have large amounts of open dirt sitting in our yard that morphs into mud during a torrential downpour every spring season, but what little spots of mud we do have available, quickly 
become favorite attractions, to children and Labradors alike, during the wet Pittsburgh spring. Yesterday, Shiloh was clean, bathed, freshly-scented, and even adorned in a fancy new pink bandanna when the mud beckoned her to come take a quick dip in its warm endless waters. Needless to say, both she and the bandanna needed to be bathed, but that was pure pleasure for her as well because... Bath = Water!
Clean again after a pleasurable dip in the mud (which Labs love)And so the cycle continues. A Labrador loves the water! They were created for it...literally. Their feet are genetically designed with the purpose of swimming through its depths. To always insist that your Lab stay out of the water, mud, bathtub, puddles, (you name it) is to deflate a core part of who they are and what they were created to do. So, as the rains come and the grass turns a vibrant shade of green, I will look at the blue sky and laugh to myself as I notice the brown paw prints drying on the living room floor. I know all to well, that mud washes away quickly; but the memories of a jovial Labrador and her laughing children will echo in the recesses of my mind forever.
Dogs prints to remind me of the joy Labs add to our family.

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