An Overweight Labrador & Smile Challenge #6
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An Overweight Labrador & Smile Challenge #6
Adopting Kingridge's Lovely Lily of the Valley


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An Overweight Labrador & Smile Challenge #6

Scale to measure a Labrador dog weightAs I've mentioned before the Labrador Retriever has a propensity toward becoming overweight. Because of most Labs love affair with food they tend to struggle with weight issues. It is the responsibility of a loving owner to make sure that their Labrador is not spoiled with treats and does not become over-indulged. Let me tell you - that is difficult! They can easily begin to "wrap you around their finger" or should I say "paw" with those sweet brown eyes and kind endearing expression. There are many articles that alert Lab owners to this dangerous but common struggle. The paragraph below was taken from and explains the dilemma.
"A major health issue that is worsening for Labrador Retrievers is obesity. Labs naturally have very hearty appetites and most have perfected the art of begging for treats! A Labrador’s diet should be closely monitored and they should be taught from a young age that begging for table scraps is unacceptable. Owners must also ensure that their Labrador Retrievers receive adequate exercise which helps fight obesity, a major cause of many devastating health problems. A healthy Lab should have a slight hourglass figure. Any excessive weight puts them at risk of arthritis, diabetes and hip dysplasia."
Happy smiling faceSo although this is a serious issue for the Labrador breed, we can bring some levity to the situation and have some fun with today's dog smile challenge. It can be applied to our canine friends who are large or small, young or old, thin or not so thin... but loved without measure. Enjoy!
"For our portly friends, place one hand (palms flat) on either side of the dog's body and gently shake the flesh."
Langbehn, Jenny. 97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile. Workman Publishing: New York, 2003.

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