More Details About the Ultrasound
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More Details About the Ultrasound

Fall Kingridge Kennel ultrasoundIt was a fabulous day indeed! We enjoyed our ride to Animal Clinic Northview just outside of Cleveland and were thrilled with the news presented to us at the ultrasound. Dr. Hutchison began counting puppies and after counting upward as fast as he could said, "There are puppies everywhere..." and there were. Just as twins sometimes hide on a human ultrasound, the uterus was lined with pups that were hiding behind each other and peeking in and out of view. Dr. "Hutch" said we were expecting a larger than average size litter, but the exact number of puppies is still just a projection. When a litter is small the ultrasound can more accurately portray the precise number of puppies, but with a larger litter the screen becomes more... littered :), which makes it a bit more difficult to determine the exact number! He guessed somewhere around ten, but only time will tell for sure. You can see some of the amniotic sacs that are apparent on the ultrasound picture above. 
We are always amazed at the miracle and complexity of new life, and the intricacy of these tiny puppies is a prime example. As of today each puppy is only approximately 1.4 centimeters (as shown by the line on the ultrasound to the right), yet each pup already has a
Ultrasound of puppiesfunctioning umbilical cord (which can also be seen in the picture to the right, toward the bottom of the darkened area called the amniotic sac). Can you imagine what a narrow thread the umbilical cord would be on such a tiny Labrador puppy? It is a miracle indeed! To aid in the optimum development of each puppy in the litter, Shiloh will be increasing her food consumption and continuing on her prenatal vitamins. Although outwardly she shows no signs of the budding life that she carries within, she will need more rest, food, and vitamins as the pups quickly grow.
It will only be a matter of a few weeks before Shiloh's belly begins to bulge. At about this time we will perform an X-ray to determine the exact number of puppies expected for delivery. However, the color and gender will remain a surprise until the moment of birth. I feel as though many prayers have been answered, and I am so happy that it looks as though many of the wonderful families who are on the waiting list will have a healthy beautiful puppy as of Christmas this year. Cheers!

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