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Healthy, Hungry & Happy!

Relaxing with Shiloh
Relaxing with Shiloh
the new puppies are enjoying their time at Kingridge Kennels
Little Puppy
Little Puppy
Bio Sensor Therapy has begun
Little Puppy
Little Puppy
Bio Sensor Therapy has begun
Little Labrador
Little Labrador
The pups have strated bio sensor
Mama's milk for puppies
Mama's milk for puppies
It is hard to believe the puppies are 10 days old today. The days have passed by so quickly, yet it is obvious that time has passed when looking at the size of each of the pups. They are growing wonderfully, and each one of them has more than doubled his or her birth weight. In these pictures you can get a good idea of the rate of their growth. However, the hands holding each of the pups, are my sons, so these pictures do make the puppies look a little larger than they actually are. Just keep in mind for size comparison that those are the hands of a 12 year old boy, not a full grown man :) 
Each of the puppy's eyes are still sealed shut, but we are expecting them to open during the next few days. It is so thrilling to see their eyes for the first time! It is like a present that is going to be delivered and opened at just the right time. Because there is a chance that the lighter chocolate and one of the yellows will have green eyes, it only adds to the suspense. Every time I clean the whelping pen (which happens several times a day) or perform BioSensor therapy, I check to see if I can see a tiny glimmer of an eye opening... Nothing yet!
Well, I am overjoyed at the beauty of this litter, and the life that has been created within each of these pups. They are so precious, and growing stronger with each passing day. The risk of losing a puppy to illness also diminishes as the puppies grow larger and gain more immunity from their mama through her milk. They are also much more able to withstand variations in the temperature of their environment from this point on, because now they can shiver if needed. All of those variables help me to relax more and more with each passing day, and instead focus on enjoying the happy frolicking of sweet little puppies. That is so much better than worrying.
Shiloh has been feeding the puppies with so much patience. It is like a frenzy at an all you can eat buffet! We have helped each pup grow consistently and fairly by rotating feedings. This helps the smaller puppies to put on weight, while preventing the larger ones from guzzling down more milk than they need. We are sure to document their weight during morning and evening BioSensor therapy so that we can monitor their progress. Nice even weight gain is favorable, and so far that is what we are seeing in each of the puppies. There is nothing better than watching the development of puppies who are healthy, hungry and happy!  What a blessing to be able to witness such a miracle... the miracle of budding blossoming life. 

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Vicki Nolfi on Monday, October 24, 2011 12:33 PM
Oh, Joy!!! I keep going back to look at the pups again and again! They are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing their development. It is hard to believe that they are 10 days old. So excited about seeing them when it is permitted. Nothing like a good old puppy facial with puppy tongues! Take care, Vicki
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