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All Eyes are Open

Lady Quartz is one of the yellow female puppies with blue eyes.Over the past few days all of the puppies have opened their eyes. Although some of them are still little more than slits, we can tell the colors. The yellow females have blue eyes, along with the lighter chocolate male. The black ones all have dark eyes, although in pictures the flash makes them appear blue. Since their eyes have opened the pups are becoming more inquisitive about their environment and surroundings. They have also started taking an interest in humans. When I sit in the box they come over and investigate by sniffing and snuggling. Everything is still blurry but they are able to see light and movement. Over the next days and coming weeks their vision will continue to sharpen and they will show even more interest in objects.
Sir Jasper is a puppy with dark eyes, although they look blue here.Sir Onyx is a lighter chocolate Labrador pup with blue eyes.We are still in the midst of BioSensor Therapy which will conclude on Halloween day when the pups are 19 days old. The first few weeks are a critical period for each dog, and the sensitivity the pups experience during this initial time will never be matched throughout the rest of their life. In an article by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, entitled "Early Neurological Stimulation" some of the benefits of the BioSensor Approach that we use are highlited...
"Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted were:
     1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
     2. Stronger heart beats
     3. Stronger adrenal glands
     4. More tolerance to stress
     5. Greater resistance to disease.
In tests of learning, stimulated pups were found to be more active and were more exploratory than their non- stimulated littermates over which they were dominant in competitive situations. Secondary effects were also noted regarding test performance. In simple problem solving tests using detours in a maze, the non-stimulated pups became extremely aroused, whined a great deal, and made many errors. Their stimulated littermates were less disturbed or upset by test conditions and when comparisons were made, the stimulated littermates were more calm in the test environment, made fewer errors and gave only an occasional distress sound when stressed."
At Kingridge Kennels we feel strongly that the first few weeks of each puppy's life are critical! It is during this small (often overlooked) window that pups are able to develop many physical and psychological traits that will remain with each dog for his or her entire life. We are so satisfied knowing that we are doing all we possibly can to provide each puppy with the best start possible. Soon the period of intense socialization will begin, but for the next few days we will continue to do our part implementing the therapy in the BioSensor Approach, so that we can help to create super pups with a strong foundation for success! 

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