Finding Just the Right Stud
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Finding Just the Right Stud

Our Lab puppies are a result of countless hours of careful research and planningWe have been busy investigating studs to sire this spring's litter. Choosing a stud to compliment the female dog that we are breeding with, is perhaps the most important decision regarding the litter. As you can imagine, nothing is more critical than who the two Labradors are that are chosen to reproduce, merge their DNA, and create their own unique offspring. We devote countless hours to this decision, and we take it very seriously. However, it is also a time of immense anticipation as we look toward the future.
To compliment the female one must search for a mate who has traits that will flatter her in structure and personality. We typically choose to use a stud who is an AKC champion and whose personality is in line with our vision and goals here at Kingridge Kennels. We also want to be sure they have the desire to please and retrieve, which is what makes a Labrador such a wonderful addition to the world of dogs. 
In addition we want our puppies to be gentle, calm, loving companions who have all of the inherent Labrador traits that make them ideal pets for families. We need to be absolutely certain that the candidates we explore are in the care of reputable breeders and have met all of the health testing that we uphold. This helps to ensure that the puppies will be healthy in both, body and mind.
Here at Kingridge Kennels we are dedicated to producing outstanding Labrador puppies who will mature into healthy and sound specimens of the breed. We understand what an enormous responsibility it is to create life though our direct planning. Life that will last for 15 years or more. It all begins with the choices made at the very beginning in breeding! It is exciting to realize that along with all of the effort and responsibility of breeding wisely, we can anticipate the fruit of all of those decisions. This will happen when we witness the miracle of life that will soon unfold!

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