Number of Puppies & Labor Plans
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Number of Puppies & Labor Plans

Shiloh coming home from the vet.
Shiloh and I were just at the vet for her pregnancy X-rays. She is drawing close to the end of this pregnancy, and her puppies may be here as early as Easter day! Along with the X-ray we also went over the whelping procedures and got some Oxytocin to help with any issues that may arise with unusual labor patterns. Our visit today helps us anticipate how many puppies will be whelped, so that we can be well prepared for the big event.
The X-rays confirmed pregnancy, and we saw at least 6 puppies.
Shiloh and Joy on the way home from the vets.Our vet counted 5 spines in the picture and mentioned that due to Shiloh's pregnancy "bulge" there may be a few more hiding. I definitely saw 6 spines, so there may indeed be even more. We will have to wait and see just how many! In a previous litter, 3 pups were whelped who were missed and considered hiding from view in the X-ray image. So, I can confidently count on the passage of 6 little puppies, but during labor we will be waiting and watching for signs that there are more. We are planning on visiting with family this Easter, so Shiloh will be journeying with us for our celebrations just in case these puppies decide they want to be born on the early side of the spectrum.
We will begin taking Shiloh's temperature twice a day, looking for the low temperature drop that signals labor is imminent. We also will observe her behavior for indications that she is "nesting." Quite literally a dog will display these nesting tendencies as labor draws near. They will dig at their bedding, seek out dark areas away from the hustle and bustle of life, and prepare a nest in which to deliver their pups. We, of course, will ultimately have Shiloh deliver in her whelping box, but she still enjoys hunkering down underneath the children's beds, digging through a pile of laundry to find a cozy spot, and using our baby's blankets as possible safe havens for her new puppies. It is quite a thoughtful and amazing event to witness!
Easter puppies and eggsSo, all that is left for now on our end, is to prepare for the birth and wait! The preparation is easy, but the patience to wait for the delivery of a litter is always SO difficult! I have never been one to deal well with waiting, and these last few days feel like pure torture... the suspense.... the excitement! It is like Christmas morning around here - or I suppose at this time of year more like Easter morning. We are watching, excitedly waiting, and praying for a healthy delivery of some very precious little chocolate puppies. I will be updating this blog, and Facebook as the events of labor unfold. I hope you will enjoy the twists and turns of this passage of new life... It is always quite a journey! 

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Joy F on Thursday, March 28, 2013 7:55 PM
How exciting, I hope they are born on Easter!!!
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