Six Weeks Old & Cute as Can Be
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Six Weeks Old & Cute as Can Be

6 weeks old & 11.3 pounds
6 weeks old & 12.1 pounds
6 weeks old & 12.1 pounds
6 weeks old & 13.0 pounds
6 weeks old & 13.4 pounds
The litter is 6 weeks old! This begins a new stage in the puppies' development here at Kingridge. We take these next 2 weeks to work with the puppies on crate training and obedience training, and of course we continue the potty training that was begun when they were 3 weeks old. The puppies enjoyed a meal in their crates for the first time, and the experience seemed to be very positive for each of them. When it comes to Labs, any experience is good as long as food is involved :-) It really is a way to their heart! It is also excellent for training, and we make use of this natural love in all of the work that we do with the puppies.
With plenty of positive motivation we will teach the puppies to come when called, sit, and walk on lead. We also begin to tackle the concept of staying, rather than following every impulse to investigate the world around them. In the next weeks we work on whistle recognition, using a soft mouth for retrieving, bite inhibition, and keeping the puppy on all 4 paws to receive praise. That is quite a busy schedule for such little puppies! But, they are so eager to learn and get "treats" that they are very eager students. With a lot of patience and praise, the litter will make great strides this week in many areas of obedience. 
They are also continuing the socialization process during this week. Each puppy has eaten out of many different types of food bowls, in many locations, and have been around many unique types of individuals. We have exposed them to infants, elderly, people with handicaps, cats, hamsters, birds and other dogs. It is amazing how they approach a new situation with curiosity and gusto.
This sensitive time of socialization will never be repeated again, and it is absolutely imperative that they explore new situations in a safe environment that produces confidence in each new experience. So, we are diligently completing the 7 Steps of Socialization, and in the process they are learning so much about the great world around them. We have 5 very curious inquisitive little puppies in our home. They are growing and getting ready developmentally for that special day. The day when they will move away from their mom and start their journey with their new families. It is such an honor to train them and watch their confidence grow in preparation for that very important day.

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